Room Rates

Our room rates are $1,250 plus a $100 refundable deposit for a minimum thirty-day stay. Thirty days is probably the minimum time required to do all that you may want to do in the area and still accomplish some serious artistic creation. (Please feel free to compare us to local hotel/motel rates.) Your personalized stay with us does not necessarily have to start on the first or the fifteenth, though it is preferred, and having only four rooms to let, it is based on availability. Note: If your project will require an additional few days for completion (after your thirty-day stay), we are amenable to offering you extra days at a pro-rated basis, if possible, depending upon availability.

Airport pick up and departure transportation is provided gratis, at your convenience, night or day, at Tampa International or Sarasota/Bradenton only.


The room rate includes a daily continental breakfast of fresh fruit; croissants; honey and jam; coffee, espresso, or cappuccino; tea and juice, available each morning on a self-serve (and self clean up please) basis. The hot drinks are available 24/7. ​


Guests may choose to opt in for a nutritious, mostly—if not entirely—organic, communal meal served daily at about 7 p.m. Vegetarian meals available upon request. The menu for the next evening’s meal will be posted each evening prior. A sign in before noon the day of is appreciated so the cook can best optimize fresh ingredients and meet any special needs. Evening meals are $10.00, cash only, to be placed in a sealed named envelope in the collection basket. Otherwise, there are many meal options in the area. There is also a designated refrigerator available for guest use, and a deep freeze.


To handle refrigeration required personal snacks, ice cream, yogurt, etcetera, Garst House has two refrigerators and a deep freeze. Tape and sharpies will be available to identify personal items. Non-refrigerated items of course may be kept in your room.

We look forward to meeting you, and helping your creative dreams come true!