Film Location

Someone’s eccentric old Auntie with a mysterious and colorful past now gone to gray but still pretending to be a lady, the two-story Garst House was built in 1913 in the Old Florida style, on a raised foundation to breathe, with many tall windows and a long shaded front porch—or when we really want to catch air, we call it a veranda. It has most of the original brass doorknobs and furnishings, original well-worn custom made wood throughout, period radios and photographs, the heavy scent of fresh-cut lilies, unrequited valentines, possibly some dried blood, certainly a dark secret or two. Books and obscure travel collectibles from four continents and as many generations line the wide hallway.

The house has five bedrooms: three downstairs and two “garret-type” in the upper story. It has a period kitchen, a dining room complete with a sparkling chandelier, an old-time parlor with a baby grand piano, two full bathrooms - one of which has an oversize claw foot tub, and an old garage full of eclectic junk.

The property usually contains active vegetable and flower gardens, an active hen house, and is wild with foliage and trees. It has citrus, oaks, palms, ferns, Spanish moss, flowering vines, a grape arbor, an even mix of shade and sun, and an abundance of butterflies and birds.

Garst House is situated on two and a half acres of mostly un-sculpted Florida native flora directly adjacent to Highway 301 in Bradenton, Florida (west coast, just below Tampa).

Garst House has a wide accessible drive, outside electric, and is close to both farmland, city scape and award-winning area beaches.

“All Access,” is defined by Garst House as the interior and exterior house, ground areas and vehicle parking. All Access film location days are priced at Two Thousand dollars ($2,000.00) per day (a day being defined as twelve consecutive hours). Additional hours are pro-rated at Two Hundred dollars ($200.00) per hour, with a five hour minimum, or to be negotiated. For All Access location requirements longer than two consecutive days, the film and/or production company agrees to pay or reimburse the owners (or the designated Garst House representative) for reasonably rated hotel accommodations and an agreed upon Per Diem.

“Limited Access,” is defined by Garst House as exterior areas only (which includes the porch), the complete grounds and parking. Limited Access Days are priced at Twelve Hundred Dollars ($1,200.00) per day (twelve consecutive hours), or One Hundred Fifty Dollars ($150.00) per hour (with a three hour minimum).