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Spider on the Passionflower

from C.C. Carter

After the Rain, the Sun

August 15, 2019

spider on the passionflower

raindrop on the leaf

inside the green rind

the ripe melon's ruby heart

duality dissolves

water becomes


My Father’s Old Blue Robe 

from C.C. Carter,

The Alchemy of Tea

July 15, 2019

up far too late again to finish reading

japanese death poems

I rise to make a cup of tea

and take some time

to think about

how I might write my own

our baby rescue squirrel Rascal wakes

stirs and does a sleepy turn

safely tucked into the over large front pocket

of my father’s old blue robe

and then it comes to me

with a dark sense of humor and of irony

I am wearing a dead man’s robe

to write my own death poem

so when the time has come

when I too shall be gone

death will clear the slate dear father mine

and this may be the one:

for one night only moonflower

in one more hour


As I Lay On the Bed Reading

from C.C. Carter

The Alchemy of Tea

June 15, 2019

as I lay on the bed reading

with the sleepy baby raccoon

he reaches out a soft exploratory paw

to touch the contours of my face

reassured that I’m still there

he then begins to snore